Bellinzona and Ticino

The city

Bellinzona preserves a rich historical-geographical heritage from medieval times, a heritage that pulsates behind the austere charm of a Lombard village settled long ago in the viscera of the Alps and signifies its place as a crossroads between the Latin and Teutonic worlds along the mountain pass par excellence, the St. Gothard.


Of particular beauty are its lanes and squares, its courtyards and old houses; but above all its three castles of incomparable strength and virile beauty, which recount centuries of history written by Romans and Longobards, Swiss and Milanese


Accompanying this heritage, and in felicitous symbiosis with it, are the modern architectural creations of the famed Ticino School, creating a fine rapport between past, present and future.


A tale that intrigues and enchants even the most inattentive traveler.
Altitude: 240 m above sea level Population; 19,999 Area: 19.84 sq m


Public transportation

Shuttle from the Bellinzona railway station to the Espocentro.



Ample free parking at the Espocentro.


Bicycle hire

At the Bellinzona railway station bikes can be rented for a day or the whole Festival week.

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