Castello d'Onore to Milena Vukotic

Milena Vukotic, a Lady of Italian cinema and theatre.


The Palmarès of the 34. Castellinaria


Film literacy... Let's talk about it

La Città delle cose dimenticate

The idea, the story, the book, the exhibition


Winner of the Swiss Youth Award 2021

Simon Schnellmann with the short film To The Last Drop

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Castellinaria Festival del cinema giovane, brings everyone closer to a quality cinema that expresses culture, openness and courage through new cinematography from all over the world. 
The focus of the event is the world of young people, their realities of which they are voluntarily or involuntarily protagonists. An intense cultural mediation activity makes cinema a privileged vehicle for exploring the world. 
The Festival revolves around the universe of cinema at 360°. It is a place for learning, where the spirit opens up and borns curiosity and creativity towards "making" cinema. Through exhibitions and workshops, we discover the fascinating world behind the big screen. 
Welcoming films from all over the world, Castellinaria is a place where audiences and artists can meet and debate, creating a complete and diverse panorama.