November 9 – 24, 2018


The Swiss Film Animation Group, GSFA, was born on October 12, 1968 in Freiburg. The aim was to bring together all the people who were active in this field in Switzerland in order to collaborate for the promotion of animated films. Among the founding members: Bruno Edera, Nag and Gisèle Ansorge, Georges Schwizgebel, Claude Luyet and Daniel Suter.

Today the GSFA has about a hundred members, including artists, directors, technicians and producers, and triumphantly turns 50. The work of the members covers the entire range of animated film creation: animated cartoons, 2D animations, stop motion, CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). The films of the GSFA members are presented all over the world with success.

Swiss animated cinema found its place in a booming film genre and it garnered international recognition. Only in the last 12 months, we can mention the Oscar Nomination of Claude Barras with My Life as a Zucchini, the Lifetime Achievement Award given to Georges Schwizgebel by the prestigious Annecy Festival, and Chris the Swiss by Anja Kofmel, selected at the Cannes Film Festival.

Castellinaria is proud to participate in the celebrations of this important anniversary by hosting at the Villa dei Cedri Museum in Bellinzona, the travelling exhibition organized for this occasion.

Visitors will discover the magic of animated images and will see with their own eyes how an animated film is made. The exhibition is interactive and, with the collaboration of the Villa dei Cedri Museum, the public and schools can participate in workshops to create an animated short film. The aim is to actively involve young people in the creation of animated sequences and let them discover how drawings and objects come to life with the STOP MOTION technique.  


The workshop will be held by

Alessia Tamagni: She attended the CSIA in Lugano, then completed a film animation training at Robi Engler's studio in Lausanne. She has her own animation studio and has been holding animation workshops at Castellinaria for years.

Chiara Lenzi Salvagni: After finishing Scientific High School in Garda (Verona), in 2008 she graduated in DAMS Cinema at University of Bologna.


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