Dan Pánek
Czech Republic
o.v. Czech
sbt. Italian
Swiss premiere


Monday20November11202314:00Mercato Coperto, Giubiasco


1-2 grade middle school


Pressbook – Big Dreams
Scheda didattica – Big Dreams

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Dominik needs to escape the unpleasant daily reality of a shared family of which his hated stepfather is a member. His greatest hero is his namesake Dominik Hašek, a field hockey champion. He soon learns that being a field hockey star in his imagination and being hit and lose in real life are two completely different things. The team has no coach, no proper equipment; they play with tennis shoes in front of the house. But everyone is willing to fight and they also discover that even though it’s hard (and painful) work, it is nice to be part of a team. While playing, they can forget their worries for a while.

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