In the context of the cultural activities linked to cinema that Castellinaria Festival del cinema giovane intends to propose to schools throughout the year, there is a meeting with artistic director Giancarlo Zappoli dedicated to Dante Alighieri, on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of his death, and more precisely to Cinema and the Divine Comedy.


The Divine Comedy (and in particular the Inferno) immediately attracted the creative imagination of painters and sculptors. The seventh art, at the time it was born, could not in turn remain insensitive to its fascination. Giancarlo Zappoli will illustrate an itinerary that, starting from the origins of cinema and after an introduction dedicated to the figurative arts that were certainly not unknown to the first filmmakers, proposes this interesting relationship in its chronological development by dividing it into two strands.


It will be shown how the cinema has dealt with the most famous cantos of the Inferno, starting from the first full-length film (dated 1911 and made in Italy in Milan) to the contemporary reinterpretation by Woody Allen. We will then see how the description of Dante's life has been approached both in cinema and on television. The aim is not only to revisit the representation, in the various periods, of the most famous characters or situations of the Comedy, but also to observe how the innovations of technology and the same historical and social context in which the films were made have given rise to different readings.


Schools that are interested in hosting these meetings, either in person or via streaming, can apply to the Festival secretariat by writing to:

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