White Crow
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Wednesday23November11202216:00Mercato Coperto, Giubiasco
Thursday24November11202209:00Cinema Teatro Mendrisio
Thursday24November11202209:45Cinema Blenio Acquarossa
Friday25November11202213:45Cinema Blenio Acquarossa


Scheda didattica – Cinemagia


THE SONG FOR RAIN | Yawen Zheng | USA│2012 | 8’07’’

A boy helps a red fox catch rainwater. They compare two worlds: a damp but oppressive city on one side, the bright and natural but much-needed countryside on the other.


SATURDAY’S APARTMENT | Jeon Seungbae | South Korea | 2018 | 7’50’’ 

Five families live in a building where thin walls lead to constant quarrels. Will peaceful coexistence be possible?


LE TIGRE SANS RAYURES | Robin Morales Reyes | France,Switzerland | 2019 | 8’40’

A little tiger decides to embark on a journey in search of his lost dark stripes.


FOURMI | Julia Ocker | Germany | 2017 | 3’37’’ 

The ants work together in perfect harmony. But if one of them decided to act differently...


LE DERNIER JOUR D’AUTOMNE | Marjolaine Perreten | Switzerland, Belgum, France | 2019 | 7’ 

Forest animals secretly collect abandoned bicycle parts with the intention of building vehicles to fit their size to prepare themselves for the last day's fall ride.


WHITE CROW | Miosic Miran | Croatia | 2018 | 9’

White Crow was born in a flock of black crows. He is constantly mocked and is bullied. But when the environment in which the flock lives undergoes violent changes, it will be White Crow who finds a better place for everyone to move to.


COURSE DE DEMI - FOND | Nicolas Deveaux | France | 2018 | 2’15’’

Pink flamingos are on the starting blocks. When wild animals practice sports designed for humans, the situation becomes fun...

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