Cinema & Music

Every year Castellinaria, as part of its activities of education to images, organizes an exhibition to present the professions of cinema to its young audience.

For this 33rd edition, the exhibition will be replaced by an animated film, created for the occasion, which will tell about the combination of cinema and music.


When cinema was invented, it was immediately clear that it couldn't do without music.


In the beginning there was silent cinema... which was not really silent because a music accompaniment was almost immediately used by the Lumière brothers, but only to cover the noise of the projector and help the audience focus on the story.

Usually there was a pianist in the room, who was provided with the suitable scores to accompany the different sequences.

1927: The Jazz Singer by Alan Crosland is universally recognized as the first talking picture in history and brings about a real revolution in the aesthetics of films.

The sentence pronounced by actor Al Jolson: " Wait a minute, wait a minute, you ain't heard nothin' yet" becomes a milestone and a promise of unforgettable soundtracks...


Very quickly, music turns from pure accompaniment into commentary.

It helps understand more and more complex stories and moods, underlines situations, strengthens them and adds emotion to the images.


In order to understand how music helps us understand the atmospheres of films, thanks to this video we’ll take a journey through film genres.

We call “film genre” a category of films with certain characteristics in common.

For example, in horror films the music is disturbing and many times it has the task of anticipating something scary, while the soundtrack of action movies is without respite and the leitmotif of a romantic comedy is often a love song that tops the hit parades...


...enjoy the film and good listening!

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