Castellinaria leaves the Espocentro and will be set from now on at the MERCATO COPERTO of GIUBIASCO on via 1814. A change that will bring the Festival to another Bellinzona neighborhood while maintaining - with screenings of the Young Competition at the Forum cinema in Viale Stazione and the "Dressing the Cinema" exhibition set up at Castelgrande - the presence in the city center that has seen the event born and grow, always supporting it even and especially in this change.



Another anniversary will be celebrated during the next edition of the Festival: 30 years of de laRegione, which since its inception has always collaborated with Castellinaria both as a media partner and as a sponsor of the competition Kids. This anniversary will be celebrated with a timeline exhibition of the most significant articles related to the Festival.



Fourth edition of Green Friday dedicated to the discussion around in-depth environmental issues thanks to a new collaboration with the Department of Territory, which will financially support the event and provide educational support through the intervention of various experts on the issues in question.



In its second year and with other European festivals, the CastellinEurope conference conceived by Castellinaria, will be dedicated novelties in the field of cultural mediation and to exchange ideas and best practices with a view to making cinema increasingly accessible to younger generations, with a focus on new formats and digital contaminations.



During the 35th edition, the Festival will host, for the first time in Switzerland, the ECFA AWARD involving a number of European children's and youth festivals, all members of ECFA, selected annually to host an ECFA jury and vote for the ECFA AWARD for their festival. Each adds its winner to a shortlist of nominated films, which compete for the final award, which is presented during the Berlin Film Festival. The ECFA AWARD is the only European Award for children's and youth films given by professionals.



A conference of the Working Group on Children's Cinema AG Kinderfilm, of which Castellinaria is a member, and which is working on a "Strategy for Children's Cinema" for Switzerland, will be held at the 35th edition of the Festival. The Working Group, composed of industry representatives from all sectors and all parts of the country, aims to raise awareness of the need to support the audiovisual production chain in the children's film sector.



The competition announced in March to award the three residencies dedicated to writing, at Casa Pantrovà, in the audiovisual field saw three winners, including Bettina Schmid with Robokids, in the area of writing dedicated to children's films. Her project covers key topics such as friendship, affection and overcoming loss using the theme of the relationship between humans and robots from the perspective of a young girl. Bettina Schmid will be invited to present her project as part of the Pitching Lab program of the 35. Castellinaria Young Film Festival.

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