What is it about?

To participate in the Locarno Film Festival as members of a youth jury, and learn to develop an attitude to film analysis by attending workshops on the language of cinema. To experience the Festival as protagonists, meeting, discussing and exchanging opinions with young people of the same age and with directors, actors and producers in a privileged way.


Who can enroll?

Anyone aged between 18 (at least!) and 23, from Switzerland and abroad, and who has a keen interest in cinema in general, can enroll.

A good knowledge of Italian, French and English or at least two of these languages is required.

There are 33 places available and they are assigned in order of reception of the enrollment forms.


Where and when does it take place?

In Locarno, from August 2 to 12, 2023.


What do you do?

•  you attend the Festival projections.

•  you are a member of one of the four youth juries (Concorso internazionale, Pardi di domani and Open Doors Shorts, Cineasti del presente).

•  you take part in meetings with directors, producers, actors, industry professionals.

•  you collaborate with radio, television and newspapers for the preparation of articles on the Festival and on the scheduled films.

•  you live a community experience with young people of your same age and from various backgrounds.




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