Location Ticino


Location Ticino, a journey with augmented reality to the locations of Canton Ticino used as backgrounds for national and international films, in collaboration with Castellinaria, the Ticino Film Commission.


More than 130 films have been set in the Canton Ticino since 1915. This is the figure given by a cantonal database (OltreconfiniTI) in which they are catalogued.

Together with the Ticino Film Commission, which since 2014 has encouraged and supported the making of international and national films on our territory, and with the City of Locarno, Castellinaria has set out to recount a reality that not everyone is always aware of.

Around twenty films have been selected for the exhibition ranging from the iconic James Bond jumping from the Verzasca dam to the local adventures of Frontaliers Disaster. From a real lion strolling through the streets of Locarno's old town, to an authentic Bollywood ballet on the walls of the Castelgrande.


Discover also TICINO IN FILM, the first collection of films shot in Ticino on Ticino Film Commission website.





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Films (and what’s around them). Criticism and information from the press to the web.

Held by Giancarlo Zappoli, artistic director of Castellinaria.

The workshop "Films (and what’s around them). Criticism and information from the press to the web" deals with the most contemporary methods of film criticism for the web.

Writing about cinema on the web has changed the very times and methods of writing.

The workshop includes an operational reflection on film criticism as well as on what is built around a film (pressbook, press conference, meeting with the audience). Examples will be compared, followed by directly experience in the field.



Writing for the cinema from beginning to end: screenwriting and criticism.

Held by Erik Bernasconi, director from Ticino and Castellinaria collaborator.

The workshop "Writing for the cinema from beginning to end" is dedicated to the world of ideas and stories that give life to films.

Where does the idea for a film come from? How does it become a screenplay? What work phases do you go through?

The workshop aims at identifying an idea, developing it first into a subject, then taking it to the stage of a treatment that can be developed into three scenes, and then moving on to the screenplay of at least one of these scenes.