Castellinaria, Bellinzona’s International Young People’s Film Festival, will be organizing meetings between young directors and important Ticino producers.


The purpose is to offer eight young European directors, chosen from those selected in the Castellincorto competition, the chance to become acquainted with producers in the Swiss film industry.


The producers will view the eight best short subjects and the next day meet one-to-one with their directors. The meetings will last about 15 minutes and be coordinated by a moderator who every half hour will ask the young directors to change tables to meet other producers.


The producers may offer constructive criticism about the shorts they have seen: in turn, the directors have the chance to discuss their future projects, getting valuable advice from sector professionals.

The morning’s meeting are followed by a brunch, during which directors and producers can chat informally in a warm, friendly atmosphere.


We considered it very important to contact Ticino production companies as well as European companies, so that the young directors can network, circulating ideas, projects (and maybe more) in our territory. Swiss-Italian producers as Tiziana Soudani (Amka Films Productions), Christiana Giaccardi (Southern Switzerland Film Commission and Ventura Film, Nicola Bernasconi (Rough Cut), Walter Bortolotti (RSI) and European producers as Melissa Malinbaum (Why Not Productions) and Louise Hentgen (Bobi Lux Production), will attend the Meeting.


With this new undertaking Castellinaria once again offers young people the chance to be the real stars of the Festival and therefore also a concrete opportunity for cultural and career growth.

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