For the second year, Castellinaria enters the Prison La Stampa thanks to the willingness of director Stefano Laffranchini, the support of the Department of Institutions, Division of Justice and the staff in charge of the program of inmate activities within the Lugano penitentiary structure. A jury of young inmates watch and evaluate the selection of short films that is proposed each year in the section called Castellincorto. Agnese Làposi, who is its curator, together with Nicola Fiori and Artistic Director Giancarlo Zappoli will present the selection of short films from around the world and coordinate, in collaboration with prison staff, the discussion that will culminate in the proclamation of the winner. Thus, cinema once again enters La Stampa, overcoming the bars and opening a new horizon that connects with the outside world and with an event that is aimed at young people to offer them, regardless of their condition, an opportunity for growth and integration into the social context.

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