Pierre Monnard
o.v. Swiss-German
sbt. Italian
Audience Award Raiffeisen , Jury Fuori le Mura Award, Special mention





Les enfants du Platzspitz-presskit


Eleven-year-old Mia faces the misery of Platzspitz where she looks for her mother among screaming and apathetic people, filth and dead bodies. Since 1986 the Platzspitz has become a national meeting place for drug addicts from all over Switzerland, sometimes even from neighboring countries. The so-called “Needle Park” is becoming the largest public drug scene in Europe. Around 3,000 drug addicts meet here every day, 21 people have died from drug use in 1991 alone. After several unsuccessful attempts, the drug scene opened in Zurich iss closed in 1995. Drug addicts from outside the canton were then brought back to their cantons of origin. This is also what happens to Mia and her mother, but for the woman the rehab process is full of obstacles as her daughter tries, day after day, to help her save herself.

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