Peo at Castellinaria

Special space will be given to Peo, the cute blue dog of Italian Swiss Television who is every child’s friend.
In collaboration with RSI, Peo’s doghouse will be displayed at the Espocentro.
On exhibit a number of plasticine sets created by Japanese artist Fusako Yusaki for the Peo Gallery TV series of shorts in stop-motion, in which Peo enters famous paintings.


Fusako Yusaki (Tokyo, 1937) is a Japanese artist and designer.
Awarded a degree in creative design in 1960, he specialized in working and animating plasticine (“Claymation”), for which he won the Bagatto d’Oro in 1971 for his Fernet Branca commercial. He also won the Bronze Lion at Cannes in 1972.
After winning an international competition he moved to Milan in 1964 to study at the Brera Fine Arts Academy, and Milan is still his residence.
He worked for Italy’s National Research Council (CNR), creating a film on the origin of earthquakes.
He has been a judge for the most prestigious animated-film festivals: in 1989 at Annecy, France, in 1990 at Hiroshima, Japan, in 2000 at Zagreb, Croatia, in 2002 at Espinho, Portugal and in 2003 at Wissembourg, France.
In 2004 he was awarded for his career at the International Art Film Festival in Bergamo.
The Hara Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo possesses a complete set of his films.
He works with European and Japanese television networks, creating opening credits, shorts and brief series, including the opener for the children’s program L’Albero Azzurro (The Blue Tree) aired daily on RAI 2. He is currently working with TSI on a kid’s show featuring Peo, a little blue dog.
This year we are taking advantage of the exhibit devoted to Fusako Yusaki and the artist’s presence to devote our animation workshop (successfully offered for many years to elementary school students) precisely to stop-motion animation done with plasticine: Claymation.

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