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  • Once this form has been submitted, you will receive confirmation of your registration at the email address you have indicated. We advise you to use the professional address.


  • Please register one class at a time by clicking on the ADD A CLASS field.


  • In order to view the film at school, each teacher must create an account on the streaming platform, which can be accessed from the homepage of the Festival website by clicking on the STREAMING panel.


  • Before the start of the Festival, you will be given a link to the platform and a code that will allow you to watch the film in streaming.


  • From 18 to 25 November, you will be free to choose when to watch the film.


  • Once you have entered the code you have received and the film has started, you will have 48 hours to watch it


  • To watch the films in the classroom you need a good internet connection - at least 25mbps - (preferably a cable connection, although this is not essential), a computer, speakers and a beamer.


  • How much does it cost? The ticket price remains unchanged: CHF 4.- per pupil. Each school will receive an invoice at the end of the Festival.