Crea FX, an Italian lab specialized in the creation of special effects for film make-up, offers some workshops where both little children and young adults will have a chance to discover the great tricks of this trade.

WORKSHOP: HYPERREALISM IN SPECIAL EFFECTS – Target audience: high-school students

- Length: about 1 hour

- Max. number of participants: 10-15

- Programme: Hyperrealism and SFX


To reproduce reality in 3D is a work that requires a lot of patience and method. With the progression of new technologies, the world of 3D also gets to affect make-up special effects: how does this work? This workshop deals with new techniques and materials, and the students will have a chance to see a presentation of make-up special effects, including the application of a hyperrealistic prostheses.

(The Crea FX specialists will apply a hyperrealistic gelatine prostheses for facial feature transformation, an effect very often used in films).

WORKSHOP: LITTLE BIG SPECIAL EFFECTS – Target audience: elementary-school children

- Length: about 1 hour

- Max. number of participants: 20-25

- Programme: What are special effects and how do we make them?


By means of videos, images and actual works, the children will find out what special effects for films are and how they are made.

In this interactive workshop, it will be possible to physically touch the raw materials and to see the making of little extemporaneous effects.

(The children will be able to physically touch some samples of the materials used, such as plasticine, latex foam, silicone, etc. and to see close up some works actually made. At the end, two volunteers will be chosen, and some make-up effects will be applied on them, such as a small wound with fake blood, or a bruise, a scar, elfin ears, etc.)


WORKSHOP: FANTASY AND SPECIAL EFFECTS – Target audience: secondary-school students

- Length: about 1 hour

- Max. number of participants: 20-25

- Programme: The world of fantasy in special effects


Since the beginning of special effects, the world of Fantasy has always had a major role. But how are the characters of films and videogames created?

The students will learn how these fantastic creatures are made. At the end of the workshop, a horror make-up effect will be made on some volunteers.

(During the workshop some masks of fantasy and horror characters will be shown and worn by the Crea Fx specialists. At the end of the workshop, 2-4 volunteers will have a chance to learn and make, in pairs, a simple make-up effect such as a fake wound, a zombie effect, a frostbite effect, a graze, etc.)


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