Dressing the cinema

The work of the costume designer contributes to the characterisation of the actor, taking into account the script and the director's instructions. He/she creates costumes adapted to the period, to the requirements of the script and to the personality, helping the actors to immerse themselves in the character they are playing, making him/her more credible. In the exhibition, set at Bellinzona's Castelgrande, we can see the original costumes created by the Sartoria Tirelli Trappetti in Rome.

In Formello, near Rome, there is a 6,000square metre building where more than15,000 authentic period dresses and more than 200,000 costumes, divided by genre and period, are on display. The former were gathered thanks to the passion of collector Umberto Tirelli. A collection that Dino Trappetti's perseverance has enriched. The latter were produced by the tailor's shop that Tirelli himself founded. Together with the collection of sketches, drafts and preparatory drawings kept by the company, this repertoire of five decades of scenic art in the service of theatre, cinema and opera has few equals in the world. Faithful to the principles that inspired its founder, the company has grown and has never ceased to feed the imagination of great costume designers such as Lila de Nobili, Piero Tosi, Pier Luigi Pizzi, Gabriella Pescucci, Milena Canonero, Maurizio Millenotti, Ann Roth... up to their emulators of today such as Massimo Cantini Parrini, who was recently nominated for an Oscar for Matteo Garrone's Pinocchio and Joe Wright's Cyrano.



The dress worn by Winona Ryder (May Welland) in Martin Scorsese's Age of Innocence, designed by Gabriella Pescucci who won an Oscar for the same film. In Terry Gilliam's The Brothers Grimm, we can admire the sumptuous dress of the evil queen played by Monica Bellucci and the metal armour worn by Jack Grimm (Heath Ledger) as he hunts the magical creatures of the forest. The costume designer is Gabriella Pescucci. For the TV series, we chose Vikings, a great success, 6 seasons and a sequel that started this year. We will see Tori's medieval tunic made in a raw fabric that reminds us of the tunics made at that time. Beside the dress we find a warrior's outfit: leather barbarian armour and a fur cape. The costume designers are Joan Bergin and Susan O'Connor Cave. For the youngest, there are the Aladdin costumes. Aladdin's traditional red waist coat and headdress and an elegant costume richly studded with gems. A television series that has been very well received by the public and critics is Stranger Things. This series inspired the students of SAMS (School of Art and Crafts of Tailoring) in Lugano to create the clothes for a hypothetical sequel. Their collection is on display and will be accompanied by a masterclass in which they will recount the stages of creation.


THE RSI (Swiss television) WARDROBE

The vast wardrobe of the RSI is a real gold mine. A visit to the wardrobe brings back memories of past programmes. In the long rows of wardrobes we found the striped jumper from "Il Gatto Arturo", the elegant dress of the valet of Malta from" La Palmita", the peasant clothes from "Il voltamarsina", those from the dialect comedies. Some of the dresses are on display and others are hung in the tailor's workshop set up for the occasion, along with many accessories: hats, jewelry, shoes, etc.


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