Where is Anne Franck!
Ari Folman
Belgium, France, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Israel
Italian version
Castello d'Oro, UNICEF Award


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Dossier didattico – WHERE IS ANNE FRANK
Presskit – Where is Anne Frank!

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Amsterdam, present time. In the museum dedicated to Anne Frank, a thunderstorm shatters the display case containing the diary of the Jewish girl who died in a concentration camp, after living in hiding with her family for over two years in the secret attic of a building in the Dutch city. From the pages of the 'liberated' diary materialises Kitty, the imaginary friend with whom Anne conversed in that almost epistolary text. Kitty sees the visitors to the museum, including a petty thief named Peter, but they do not see her: because she only becomes visible outside Anne's museum-house, and only if she has her lost friend's diary with her. From then on, Kitty will go in search of Anne, whose fate she does not know, helped by Peter, and in turn she will help Ava, a little immigrant girl who is about to be kicked out by the 'non-German police' from the occupied house in Amsterdam where she has taken refuge with her family.

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