NERO SU BIANCO – 4thB Middle School Gordola
OMBRE – Middle school Viganello
PHOBIA – Cantonal School of Commerce Bellinzona
UN RUOLO DIFFICILE – Middle School Balerna
UN'OMBRA DI VERITÀ – Centro Professionale Commerciale Bellinzona

Third edition of the screenwriting and directing workshop put on by Castellinaria as part of its image education programme, in collaboration with the REC association.

The workshop is based on the principle of “learn by doing”, and is co-ordinated by a professional from the Festival and REC. The participants, students aged between 12 and 20, are accompanied through the stages of writing a screenplay, shooting and editing a short film.

The results from the workshop will then be presented to the Castellinaria audience, and thanks to the bond created with the Jugendfilmtage, they will be also shown at the Zurich film festival.

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