CONFERENCE AND WORKSHOP | Scuola Cantonale di Commercio, Bellinzona

Wednesday, November 22 | 8.15

The responsibility of cultural events in respect to sustainable development.

For four consecutive years, Castellinaria has offered "Green Friday," a day dedicated, as per the content of the films, to sustainability and ecology. This year the theme will be expanded to include additional activities, among which a special screening at the Cantonal School of Commerce, presented in collaboration with the Festival of Economics, and followed by a group workshop animated by experts in the field from the Department of Territory of Canton Ticino and the DDC. This moment dedicated to the school will be followed by another conference, open to the public: the CastellinEurope conference, which will welcome European youth film professionals and discuss the responsibilities of cultural events in conveying a message of sustainability.

Discussion and workshop will be lead by Giacomo Agosta, journalist at laRegione.

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